The Queer Caucus

Episode 11: Pride, Prejudice, & Privilege

July 7, 2017

We discuss the controversy surrounding St. Louis Pride Fest, and bring you an interview by St. Louis resident Jae Shepherd to discuss the lack of trans and queer inclusion in modern day Pride celebrations. Cassidy and Jill discuss the casting decisions in Battle of the Sexes, the upcoming biopic about Billie Jean King, renown lesbian tennis player, and Bobby Riggs, human trash heap and male chauvinist. We yet again step onto our soap boxes about LGBTQIA+ roles reflecting LGBTQIA+ actors, and shout at Hollywood to DO BETTER. We also get fresh about summer fashions, most importantly - ROMPHIMS. Finally, we introduce a new segment called A-Cis-ting Others, where Cassidy and Jill will answer any LGBTQIA+ related questions you may have, but are too afraid to ask. This episode is dedicated to Mark Wilson, St. Louis theatre designer and beloved friend. Rest in Peace, Mark.