The Queer Caucus

Episode 14: Our Big Gay Agenda

November 22, 2017

CW: sexual assault, rape, violence, transphobia Introducing - a new episode format structure, including Our Qs, Our Big Gay Agenda, and ACISting Others! In this episode, Cassidy and Jill discuss the controversy surrounding Kevin Spacey and his history of sexual assault and misconduct. We reject the idea that being in the closet is an excuse for sexual assault, and are baffled by the prevalence of gag orders, non-disclosure agreements, and arbitration clauses that cover up this kind of insidious behavior. Next we observe Transgender Day of Remembrance by reading the names of the lives lost in 2016 to anti-transgender violence. We encourage all our listeners to consider what they might do to encourage education on transgender issues and decrease anti-trans violence. Next we talk about Stranger Things (or should we say Gayer Things?), our favorite show with a serious lack of gay people. Jill hashes out an in-depth conspiracy theory about Billy’s closeted homosexuality. We once again discuss the lack of queer representation in Hollywood and pop culture media. Finally we wrap up with a question about bisexuality from a listener for our ACISting Others segment! Mentioned in this episode: