The Queer Caucus

Episode 8: The Valentine’s Day Episode

February 13, 2017

In our current tumultuous political climate, we dedicate this episode to love - the celebration of it, the beauty in it, and the queerness in it. Cassidy and Jill have a hearty discussion on LGBTQIA movies, and how they can inspire pride in us and comfort us. We give a special shout-out to Anna Howard Shaw Day and Galentine’s Day, our favorite alternative Valentine’s Day celebrations. We also discuss the concept of queer people feeling pressured to assimilate to heteronormative and cisnormative gender roles within our modern society, especially in terms of marriage and child rearing. Finally, The Queer Caucus gets REAL about queer sex - its differences from heterosexual culture, its beauty, and some of the challenges LGBTQIA people face in struggling to get comprehensive, inclusive sexual education. Most of all, we want to encourage everyone to celebrate your queerness and what makes you different, and we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Links: